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Fresnel Lenses Fresnel Lenses
  • Positive Focal Length
  • Square and Rectangular Options
  • Ideal for Light Gathering Applications
Infrared (IR) Fresnel Lenses Infrared (IR) Fresnel Lenses
  • Excellent Collecting Optics for Infrared Detectors
  • Minimal Absorption Loss in the 8-14μm Region
Conical Groove Plano-Concave (PCV) Fresnel Lenses Conical Groove Plano-Concave (PCV) Fresnel Lenses
  • Negative Focal Length
  • Acrylic Substrate
  • Square and Rectangular Options
Aspherically Contoured Fresnel Lenses Aspherically Contoured Fresnel Lenses
  • Thin, Flat Lenses for Focusing Applications
  • Large Sizes for Maximum Light Collection
  • Aspherically-Grooved Contours for Enhanced Performance
Cylinder Fresnel Lenses Cylinder Fresnel Lenses
  • Collapsed Version of a Standard Cylinder Lens
  • Ideal for Focusing One Dimension
  • Various Sizes Available
Lenticular Arrays	Lenticular Arrays
  • Arrays of Conventional Cylinder Lenses
  • Used as High-Efficiency Diffusers
  • Cylindrical Axis of Lenslet is Aligned Along the First Dimension

Fresnel Lenses are used in many light collection applications, such as condenser systems or emitter/detector setups. Fresnel Lenses are optical lenses consisting of a series of concentric grooves etched into a plastic substrate. Each groove acts as an individual refracting surface, while the thin substrate minimizes the amount of light lost due to absorption. High groove density increases image quality, while low groove density increases the overall efficiency. Fresnel Lenses are typically not used as magnifier or projection lenses due to high levels of distortion.

Edmund Optics offers a variety of Fresnel Lenses designed for visible or infrared applications. For maximum performance, the grooved side of a Fresnel Lens should face the longer conjugate. For example, when used with detectors, the grooved side should face away from the detector. Contoured lenses are available to improve focusing performance or spot size. Cylinder Fresnel Lenses are also available to focus in only a single dimension.