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Lenses, Mirrors, Prisms, Beamsplitters,
Filters, and More

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Imaging Lenses, Laser Beam Expanders,
Microscope Objectives, and More

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Design, Consulting, Prototyping, and
Testing to Support Production

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Manufacturing by the Numbers:

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Edmund Optics Map
Edmund Optics Barrington
Corporate Headquarters
New Jersey, USA
US Sales, Marketing, and Business Center
New Jersey, USA
Edmund Optics Florida
Edmund Optics Laser Optics Center
Oldsmar, FloridaLearn More
Edmund Optics Tucson
Tucson Advanced Design and Assembly
Tucson, Arizona, USALearn More
Edmund Optics Silicon Valley
Edmund Optics® Silicon Valley
California, USA

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Edmund Optics GmbH
Edmund Optics® GmbH
Mainz, Germany
Edmund Optics® ITOS GmbH
Mainz, Germany Learn More
Edmund Optics® Finland
Edmund Optics® Finland
Espoo, Finland
Edmund Optics Ltd.
Edmund Optics® Ltd.
York, United Kingdom
Edmund Optics SARL
Edmund Optics® SARL
Villeurbanne, France
Edmund Optics® Malaysia
Edmund Optics® Malaysia
Gelang Patah, Malaysia
Edmund Optics Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Edmund Optics® Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Edmund Optics Taiwan
Edmund Optics® Taiwan
Edmund Optics China
Edmund Optics® China
Shenzhen, China
Edmund Optics India
Edmund Optics® India
Bengaluru, India
Edmund Optics Korea
Edmund Optics® Korea Ltd
Seoul, Korea
Edmund Optics Japan
Edmund Optics® Japan Sales Office
Tokyo, Japan
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Custom Components

From design to prototype to production, Edmund Optics® manufactures over 2 million optical components every year.

  • Types
  • Coatings
  • Equipment


Edmund Optics® engineers can design and manufacture fully-custom components, build-to-print following customer-supplied designs, and quickly modify any of our thousands of off-the-shelf optics sold in our Marketplace.


Spherical Lenses

Singlet, Doublet, and Triplet Lenses


Aspheric Lenses

High-Precision Aspheric Lenses


Optical Prisms

Wide Variety of Prism Geometries



Polarizing, Non-Polarizing, and Laser Line

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Optical Filters

Coated Filters and Optical Filter Glass



Wide Variety of Optical Substrates



Customized Polymer Polarizers


Laser Optics

Laser Mirrors, Lenses,
Crystals, and More

Optical Coatings

Edmund Optics® performs a wide variety of single and multi-layer coatings including broadband AR, v-coat, polarizing, metallic, and narrow bandpass for optical components operating throughout the ultraviolet (UV), visible, and infrared (IR) spectra.

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General Coating Capabilities
Dimensions (Diameter or Square) 2 – 1000mm
Reflectivity 0.1 – 99.98%
Anti-Reflective Wavelength Range 266 – 12,000nm
Highly-Reflective Wavelength Range 13.5 – >40,000nm
Shortpass Filter Cut-Off Wavelength 400 – 1600nm
Longpass Filter Cut-On Wavelength 240 – 7300nm
Bandpass Filter CWL, OD, and Bandwidth 193 – 10,600nm, >OD 7, 1nm - Broadband
Notch Filter CWL 355 – 1064nm
Reflective ND Filter OD OD 0.1 – OD 3
Filter Center Wavelength (CWL) Tolerance ±1nm
Filter Edge Tolerance <1% Deviation, <0.2% Special Cases
Beamsplitter (BS) Wavelength Range 240 – 20,000nm
BS Polarization Extinction Ratio (S:P) 10,000:1
Laser-Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) >40 J/cm2 @ 1064nm @ 20ns @ 20Hz Pulses, Measured
Durability MIL-PRF-13830B APP C, PARA C.3.8.4, PARA C.3.8.5, MIL-C-48497A


Our 8 global manufacturing facilities utilize a wide range of different optical manufacturing technologies.

  Conventional Grinding Machines

  High-Speed Grinding Machines

  High-Speed Lapping Machines

  Double-Sided Lapping Machines

  Conventional Polishing Machines

  High-Speed Polishing Machines

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  5-Axis CNC Grinding Machines

  5-Axis CNC Polishing Machines

  Conventional Grinding Machines

  Multi-Axis UPL Diamond Turning Machines

  QED MRF Machines for Fine Finishing

  Coring Machines

  Centering Machines

  Slicing Machines

  High-Precision Diamond Saws

  Bevelling Machines

  Waterjet Cutters

  Laser Engravers

  Coating Chambers (E-Beam, IBS, IAD, APS, and More)

Custom Assemblies

Edmund Optics® manufactures over 175,000 optical assemblies every year including imaging lenses, laser beam expanders, microscope objectives, and more.

  • Imaging Assemblies
  • Laser Assemblies

Imaging Lens Assemblies

Edmund Optics® manufactures a wide variety of imaging lens assemblies including fixed focal length lenses, telecentric lenses, and micro-video lenses fully supported by downloadable 3D models, datasheets, and drawings.

Imaging Lens Specifications
  Fixed Focal Length Lenses Telecentric Measuring Lenses Fixed Magnification Lenses
Sensor Sizes Up to 43.3mm Up to 43.3mm Up to 90mm
Resolution Up to 120 MegaPixel Up to 32 MegaPixel Up to 16k Line Scan
Field of View >105º Up to 242mm 0.2mm - 186mm
Lens Mounts C-Mount, TFL-Mount, F-Mount, S-Mount, M42 C-Mount, F-Mount, M42 C-Mount, F-Mount, M42, M72
Number of Options 120+, View All Products 75+, View All Products 65+, View All Products
Modifications Available Focal Length, Housing, f/#, Coating Magnification, Housing, f/#, Inline Illumination, Working Distance Magnification Housing
Custom Design Capabilities Yes, Learn More
Pictured (left): Ehren O'Donnell, Product Release Manager

Laser Optics Assemblies

Edmund Optics® manufactures a wide variety of laser optics assemblies including beam expanders, focusing objectives, and more supported by in-house laser damage testing and a host of other state-of-the-art metrology.

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Table 2: Laser Optics Assemblies
  Beam Expanders
Expansion Power 1X - 20X
Design Wavelengths Common Laser Lines Including Nd:YAG, Yb:YAG, Ti:sapphire, and Tm/Ho-Doped Fiber Lasers, Broadband
Mounts C-Mount, M22, M30
Focusing Mechanisms Available Sliding Optics, Rotating Optics, Fixed Focus
Custom Design Capabilities Yes, Contact Us Today!

Engineering Services

In-house expertise and metrology to support your custom manufacturing.

  • Design and Consulting
  • Prototyping
  • Testing

Design and Consulting

Application Expertise

Guidance for optimizing both system performance and cost

Global Footprint

In-region engineers to support you through design and production

Wide Range of Design Tools

Zemax, Code V®, FRED™, COMSOL®, Abaqus FEA, Solidworks,
Matlab®, and more

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Pictured (right): Mary Turner, Technical Fellow, Optical Design


Quickly Modify In-Stock Optics

Modify any of our 34,000 off-the-shelf optics in just 2-3 weeks

Fast Custom Components

Lead times as short as 3 weeks for custom glass optics depending on geometry and component type

Custom Optical Assemblies

Quickly modify mechanics, magnification, or wavelength of off-the-shelf assemblies

Skip the Line for Raw Materials

Over 65 common glass types kept on hand at manufacturing sites

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In-Process Metrology

State-of-the-art optical metrology including interferometers, spectrophotometers, and laser damage testing

Imaging Assembly Metrology

Testing for MTF and resolution, stray light, telecentricity, wavefront distortion, mechanical tolerances, and more

Laser Optics Assembly Metrology

Laser damage threshold testing, cavity ring-down spectroscopy, interferometry, wavefront sensors, and much more

Environmental Testing

Testing for temperature, humidity, immersion, shock, and vibration

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Engineering Services

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