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Ultrafast Optics:
Challenges and Solutions

Optical components for ultrafast lasers face a unique set of challenges that must be overcome to ensure high pulse quality and to maximize system performance.

Ultrafast Optics feature designs specifically tailored for use with ultrafast lasers with short pulse durations on the order of picoseconds, femtoseconds, or attoseconds. This short pulse duration is highly beneficial for a wide variety of applications including medical lasers, materials processing, nonlinear imaging and microscopy, communications, and defense.

Benefits of
Ultrafast Lasers


Improved dimensional tolerances in materials processing compared to other laser types


Less trauma to surrounding tissue in medical applications


High peak powers and energy efficiency

Difficulties of Sourcing
Optics for Ultrafast Lasers


Short pulse durations lead to broad wavelength spectra and significant chromatic dispersion


Group delay dispersion (GDD) of Ultrafast Optics must be finely controlled because of this dispersion


High peak powers of ultrafast lasers require verified laser induced damage threshold (LIDT)

Edmund Optics® addresses these difficulties with state-of-the-art metrology including white light interferometers for verifying GDD, laser damage testing to measure LIDT, and cavity ring-down (CRD) loss meters to verify high reflectivity in reflective ultrafast optics.

Example Applications

Materials Processing

Materials Processing

Medical Lasers

Medical Lasers

Semiconductor Inspection

Semiconductor Inspection

Non-Linear Microscopy

Non-Linear Microscopy

Edmund Optics offers a breadth of Ultrafast Optics, including Low GDD Ultrafast Mirrors, Highly-Dispersive Ultrafast Mirrors, Compression Prisms, Reflective Objectives and Beam Expanders, and Nonlinear Crystals. These products are designed for common femtosecond lasers, including Ti:Sapphire, Yb:doped, Thulium (Tm), and Holmium (Ho). Please contact us if your application requires Ultrafast Optics with custom design wavelengths, sizes, or other requirements.

Custom Ultrafast Optics Capabilities